Zine Workshop: Eight Page Mini Zine


Last week I went to Waikowhai Intermediate School and did a zine workshop with them. Before I visited, I sent some slides for them to look at, to start thinking about what they could write/draw about in their zines (we only had an hour so we didn’t get into collage).

So I thought I’d share it here. With my upcoming zine workshop (July 15th – free & friendly, details here) and a lot of interest in the format, this might get a few of you started. If you’ve got an idea you want to test, or a question, feel free to tweet/facebook/instagram me @zrsouthcombe – or leave a comment below πŸ™‚

Feel free to use these slides for personal or educational use, but I’d appreciate a link back to zrsouthcombe.com. Also, let me know! I’d love to hear about how you’ve used them.

Here’s a .ppt version for you to download:Β What the zine?

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I thought about making a video about how to make the mini zines that we did at the workshop, but there are already so many online so I’ve linked to this one which is kinda fun (they say 8.5×11, but A4 – or any other size – works just as well). I can’t emphasise enough that you can make your zine about ANYTHING you want!

The awesomeness that was the Hamilton Zinefest 2017

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Setting up at Hamilton Zinefest

The first zinefest I ever attended was the 2016 Hamilton Zinefest, so it was great to be back at this year’s event. I managed to sleep in, then got ready in a rush, and somehow arrived half an hour early. Yeah, don’t ask. It was definitely a coffee day.

I’m all set up!

What I love most about zinefests, and zines in general, is the creative freedom you get. There’s so little monetary investment that there’s less pressure to make something commercially viable, or mainstream, or even necessarily ‘good’. The room was filled with truly diverse expressions of creativity, and a huge range of people.

What really struck me this year was how incredibly nice everyone was. There was no judgement or comparison. The local school zines were as valued as a professional illustrator’s posters which were as valued as the lady next to me who’d just started drawing (Mini V – you can follow her on Instagram). This is what a real celebration of creativity looks like. More of this please, Universe!

The room begins to fill…

I also loved that, compared to other markets, there was very little emphasis on sales. What we were all there for was to share our work, to invite others to share with us, and to make connections through our zines and conversation. Kudos to the zinefest committee who made this such a successful, seamless day – I am already looking forward to the next one!

Ukulele entertainment

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