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New books on the way (finally!)

Okay I know I’ve been super slack with getting these new editions done, which is for several reasons. One is that these editions won’t be illustrated (there are still the gorgeous, limited run Illustrator’s Editions available though – see them here), the other is that there’s a price hike which I feel bad about, and the other is just time.

Illustrator’s Edition: Limited Run Hardback

Time has felt scarce lately, though to be honest a lot of it has been spent worrying, procrastinating, and consumed in self-doubt. With a little help from friends, a lot of positive self-talk, and some time reflecting inwards I am now on the upward with this. There will be some changes in my lifestyle so I make sure I am enjoying what I do, though part of it was just adjusting to new challenges.

The other two reasons are just about money. I first published in 2015, and at the point I had only been writing and publishing for two years. That’s not a lot of time to learn how to write, edit, publish, and market! So I’ve been learning on the job, which means I’ve made a bunch of mistakes. One of them was underpricing – I had thought most of my sales would be eBooks so I could price my print books lower but it’s the exact opposite. I also hadn’t thought too much about the bookseller/wholesale discount, and I would like this to be an option while still making a profit.

So. I’m putting my business hat on and making these difficult decisions. The upside is that those of you who have the illustrated editions are extra lucky ๐Ÿ™‚ Just FYI – there are still plenty of book 3, Beyond the End of the World available. You can buy them online or from the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop.

I’m still working on The Caretaker of Imagination cover art, but the other titles are done. You can also expect to see You Can’t Cure A Witch’s Curse in print – I know I’ve been promising that for like a year! So thanks for your patience.

On a positive note, I’ve played around with the covers a lot and I think that these ones reflect the tone of the stories, my voice, and that they’re fantasy/adventure that’s a little bit different. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ They should arrive in a month!

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Out & About: Arts Fiesta and Book Launch

I didn’t have a market this weekend, and I’m glad because I really needed a day off!

So instead, I’m going to talk about three upcoming events that I am excited about. One is an art & craft fair, the other my own book launch, and the final is an author talk.

Orewa Boulevard Arts Fiesta

I’ve been to this (as a shopper) once before, when it coincided with the Gypsy Fair, and it was a fantastic event. Lots of craft, hippie-ness and, of course, art. This year, I get to be a part of it – yay!


Beyond the End of the World Book Launch

Launch Party: February 2016
Launch Party: February 2016

Once again, this launch is being run by ‘the Wardsworth sisters’ (Mary and Helen) who now own the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop (and were kind enough to hire me). When I first started writing, they suggested having a launch party with them when the book was done.

I think I would’ve chickened out of having a launch party at all if it weren’t for them, so am grateful for their enthusiasm and support. Incidentally, Helen and Mary are strong supporters of self-published works, and do their best to give new books a chance.

This time, we’re getting the community involved with a giant colouring page (which I, uh, probably should be working on right now…). For more information visit Eventfinda or Facebook.

The Magic of Elizabeth Gilbert

I wasn’t a huge fan ofย Eat, Pray, Loveย (the usual complaints), but when a friend referred me to Gilbert’s talk on creativity, I began to love her ideas. When Big Magic was released, I bought it straight away and it helped me realise that I am good enough to be an artist, but it doesn’t actually matter whether I’m good enough anyway: what matters is that I am exploring this reality in a way that only I can, and expressing it how I see (or feel) fit.

Gilbert is giving a talk in Auckland in a couple weeks’ time, and I’m booked in and waiting (im)patiently! (Details of the event can be found on the Auckland Writers Festival website).