Today I have officially released my first Substack newsletter! You can read the letter here, or keep reading to find out a bit more about it and how it came to be.

I have been enjoying the process of writing my garden memoir so much. 😍 And now, we’re three seasons in, and I find myself not wanting it to end. Gardening – especially gardening with wildlife & sustainability in mind – is full of continued learning opportunities and I am loving the process of discovery.

It feels like every time I go out in the garden, I notice or I learn something new. This weekend, for example, I saw some of our regular pīwakawaka/fantails perched on the dried seedpods of a harakeke/flax bush. I had a flashback to summer, when the tūī and korimako were enjoying the nectar from the flowers. The old and dry blades of flax must create fabulous insect habitat – and a thick mulch that keeps the weeds down then eventually break down to feed the soil. In that moment, I felt a greater appreciation for the humble harakeke.

Tūī in harakeke during mid-summer

And so, anticipating the end of my year-in-the-garden book but with SO much more left to say, I am starting a weekly newsletter revolving around the biodiversity in our backyard: the Dwindle River Garden.

How it Works

Every Friday, you’ll get a dose of nature straight from my garden to your inbox. We’ll focus on one animal, or plant, or element of nature (usually inspired by something I’ve seen or learned that week). They’re child-friendly, too, so might be something fun to share with young nature-lovers in your life.

If you really like my work and want to support it further, there’s also a paid option (NZ$10/month or $80/year). You’ll get a second letter on Sunday mornings, a bit more personal and philosophical, the way Sunday mornings should be 🙂

As a wee bonus, from time to time I will do some “mini-series” topics as an occasional newsletter. I’m planning one on butterfly gardening, for example, and perhaps some other seasonal things. I’m letting paid subscribers see my draft memoir as I write, too (I toyed with having this free but don’t really want my messy first draft available to everyone on the internet!).

You can also visit the Dwindle River Garden home page and access the archives from there.

I’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to click through and take a look around. I’d love some feedback, too, if you have the chance (comment, or flick me an email, or message me on socials).

A Weekly Dose of Nature