Photo Trip: Anderson’s Lagoon

Despite living in a town with a population of less than a thousand, I am lucky enough to have a local camera club – and within walking distance, too. We meet once a month and occasionally go on trips to local spots for photography. At the end of last year, before the busy Christmas season sunk its teeth in, we took a trip to a little-known beach and lagoon not far from our town. Our next trip is one I’m really excited for, heading inland to central-ish Otago and learning about the historical spots from one of our older members, whose family has been here for generations.

I took a lot of photos, but when I went to draft up this blog post I couldn’t find any photos from the day! Recently I’ve been trying to get my photos better organised and tagged and I have a feeling I accidentally deleted it during that re-organisation. I’m a bit gutted, but these things happen and I’m sure every single other photographer on the planet has had it happen to them at least once. Fortunately, I had a few photos saved separately to share with my Camera Club so I at least have a few images from the trip (and if I hadn’t, it was a wonderful day out nonetheless!).

Variable oystercatcher / Tōrea pango, endemic (at risk)

I’m working on my action photography – birds and insects in flight, that sort of thing. Knowing that going into the trip I looked out for birds I could capture. This is the best shot I managed. Unfortunately, though I was trying to slowly & quietly find a nook to photograph from, I did scare one away and so I am working on my sneak skills!

Taniwha rock

The perfectly circular stone embedded into this beach rock caught my eye, and it was only when I looked back at the photo afterwards that I noticed the reptilian shape to the head. I have no idea how this perfect circle formed, whether it was perhaps something man-made that had rock forming around it somehow, or just a trick of nature. Whatever the reason, I like the idea of this being as a supernatural guardian of the beach, perhaps connected to the ‘dragon egg’ boulders at Moeraki…

Below are a couple of my other favourite shots from the day:

And then there were two
Rocks from outer space