Winter Sunset on a Point & Shoot

Last week I had tried to get up early and photograph Matariki in the dawn sky, but couldn’t manage it. I did, however, get up early and observe it, twinkling away at me above the hills in the north-eastern sky. I have also had the privilege of enjoying some spectacular sunsets, with tonight’s being particularly moving.

These photographs were all taken from the comfort of my studio. I chose the room for its large west-facing window, and throughout the year I get to witness sunset from this room. A line of trees offer me a sense of privacy, and I’ve often felt like they block the view of the setting sun. Tonight I have finally realised that they in fact add interest and character for me to play with.

After much back-and-forth about spending money that I really didn’t have, in 2020 (just a month before lockdown!) I finally splurged on a DSLR camera. It was bottom of the range and secondhand, usually known as the Canon ‘Rebel’ series, and it opened up a whole new world for me in terms of photography. I can be wonderfully creative with my DSLR as working in manual allows me to make more of the visual choices myself.

Now, though, I have realised the importance of also having a camera that you can simply point and shoot and have invested in a compact camera alongside my ‘proper camera’. It fits in my handbag, and sometimes in my pocket, and all I need to do is, well, point and shoot. In the few days that I have owned it I have already taken so many more photos than I would have if I was relying on my DSLR, or the very limited range of my phone camera. I love the flexibility I now have, between DSLR & compact & smartphone, and am so excited to explore my world that little bit more.