A wee update to my 100 Paintings project, and a bit about why I’m making those changes✌️

**I’m switching from daily to weekly for the rest of my 100 Days of Painting project.**

While I made sure I’d have enough time to paint each day (ka pai, past-Zee!), I didn’t factor in time I’d need to percolate over ideas for each piece, or for low energy levels.
This does kind of feel like a cop-out, but I’d much rather switch up the rules than put out work that I’m not really proud of.
It’s also been affecting some of my other commitments (like cleaning the house & working in the garden).
On top of that, I’ve been in and out of depression lately, and I need to make sure I take time out to give myself what I need to stay well (I’m okay, I know what I need, and I’ve started taking those steps).🌒
(Oh and Covid update – my online shop is temporarily closed, until non-essential businesses are allowed to operate again x)