This year, on June 1st, I’ll be starting a new 100 Days Project.

For 100 days, I will be making a painting every day.

Some of these may be painted drawings, others may include elements of collage or found materials. Most, I imagine, will be on paper, with some perhaps on wood, canvas, or cardboard. When looking up ideas and inspiration for keeping myself accountable to this project, I found an artist who sold her 100 works at prices increasing by $1, and loved the idea.

And so, as part of this project, I will be putting my work up for sale in my Etsy shop.

The painting I make on day one will be priced at $1, the second day’s painting will be $2, and so forth.

This will be a good way to keep me accountable to my commitment, help me get used to selling my paintings, and a good chance for you to get a bargain.

You can follow me online, or subscribe to this blog, to hear first when these paintings are listed:

Alternatively, you can ‘favourite’ my shop on Etsy, which is where the paintings will be sold. The first will be listed on June 2nd, at $1.

I am so looking forward to this project! I am painting most evenings at the moment, and found that I have been strongly drawn to patterns and garden imagery. I can’t wait to see how this practice of painting unfolds.