The basic premise is to do A Thing every day for 100 days. I’ve started a few of these and so far the ones I’ve completed have been photo-a-day projects. I’ve found that it’s one thing to complete the task – and another altogether to complete it, take a photograph, upload it to social media, AND think of something to say about it.

I’m nearing the end of my “100 Days of Palmerston“. At the start of the project I said there was a real chance it would end up being 100 photographs of my garden and that’s what it is slowly becoming! This is in part due to being home so much more so going out to take a photo is more of an effort. I’ve skipped days (and weeks, occasionally) but I’m determined to finish the 100 photographs, even if they weren’t on consecutive days – there’s about 20 days left for me to make 100.

One of the early photos from my #100DaysOfPalmerston project

We used to have an official 100 Days Project run by New Zealander Emma Rogan (see TedTalk below), but now we have a more informal Facebook group (100 Days Project 2021 – We’re in this together! | Facebook).

You can, of course, choose to start your own project at any time (like I did with my 100 Days of Palmerston), but the group is starting on June 1st and there’s a different kind of momentum, accountability, and motivation when you’re working on a project alongside others doing the same. If you want to follow along, the hashtag for the group is #100days2021.

This year I’m being more ambitious, because I have rediscovered painting with new gusto (thanks to working through an unhelpful belief that making art is selfish). I will write a bit more on this in a following post, but I will be making a painting (or drawing, or collage, or mixed media) every day for 100 days, beginning on the 1st of June.

It’s a little more ambitious than on the surface, because I have a joint painting exhibition in Christchurch at the end of the year, too (more on this later!) But, I am loving painting with this new freedom and I know have a lot to gain from the daily practice of art making.

My writing projects are still on the go, with a couple of picture books that want to be birthed, and my gardening memoir. I’m also writing a small piece for a collaborative book on low waste living. The two picture books are percolating away in the background, and once I have a firmer hold on what the end product will look like they’ll come to the foreground.

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