Photo: She Moves In Her Own Way

“She Moves In Her Own Way”

This is one of those random finds that I’m glad I had the opportunity to capture. There was a fire that badly damaged this particular harakeke and when it re-grew it had this wonderfully unusual shape. It reminded me a bit of lucky bamboo, shaped by the element of fire rather than human hands. I like quirky titles, so I settled on She Moves In Her Own Way.

I took this photo during lockdown (in reaction to Covid 19). In part, I was learning how to use a DSLR, but also working towards the annual Otago Museum photo competition. I like having something to work towards, whether that be a regional competition or just a personal project. As well as a sense of purpose, it also helps me choose shots. This one, for example, was taken with the focus of the museum competition in mind; they wanted photos that showed nature as it is, and were looking for creativity and originality.

Unfortunately, there’s a small blemish in the top right corner as I cracked my lens, and if I did more post-processing I would probably edit the surface of the harakeke leaf on the bottom right, too. I’m happy with the composition, though, and I think the contrast between the red harakeke and green background works well.

This photo was selected for exhibition as part of the Otago Museum Wildlife Photography Competition 2020.

Canon EOS 1200D, 1/160 f/9 55mm, 14 March 2020

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