Handmade journal goodness

Junk Journals

Some time ago, I had this idea to make a handbound special edition of some of my books – especially What Stars Are Made Of – and I was referred to Book Art Studio’s Dyed and Gone to Heaven workshop.

Well. It was not what I expected, and it revealed a love for scrappy bookmaking that had been hiding goodness-knows-where.

Last year, I made little handmade notebooks (that will be up in my Etsy shop by this weekend – promise!) and a couple of weeks ago I finally made the finishing touches on the journal I’d made at the workshop. I then made my own junk journal (named because they’re journals made from ‘junk’) to document my move to Dunedin, and then made one to sell.

Video: A flip-through of my personal junk journal.

The one for sale is called Humanis Corporis, which is Latin for ‘the human body’ and was inspired by some cool old images of the human body that I found online. I’ve tea- / coffee-dyed, and used some interesting old book pages from reference books, children’s books etc. There are also some sheet music pages, wallpaper, and plenty of decorative elements. It’s filled with pockets and tuck spots, and there’s lots of space for journalling.

You can view it on Etsy here – note that the price doesn’t reflect the quality, I’m just pricing low to start with as I slowly build my shop. I’m also taking custom orders, so if you like my style but not this theme, let me know and we can work something out.

A sampler of the pages #1

A sampler of the pages #2

Cross stitch hand-sewn binding.

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