On allowing creative play even though I’m a ‘grown up’


As you will all know by now, I have recently established a new publishing company called Blue Mushroom Books (if you visit the About page you can read about why I started it etc.). Initially, this was to separate my fiction and non-fiction (i.e. personal writing and commercial writing), but it has also afforded me significant creative freedom.

I feel that as long as I allocate time and energy to growing Blue Mushroom Books in alignment with its primary goal (i.e. sharing the awesomeness that is New Zealand), I am ‘allowed’ to do things with my personal creative practice that are just for fun.

Creative letter making with washi tape, scrapbooking memory cards, and found art.

This year, prompted by fellow creative Catherine Mede, I have begun making flip books and sending letters. I bought some fun children’s puzzles and a Harry Potter snitch 3D model, as well as an old 35mm film point-and-shoot camera to eventually take over my 365project photos. And I picked up my ukulele again! It’s been awesome to give myself permission to do these things – just for fun.

‘Cause Harry Potter.

It also means some changes on this blog. It’ll be less writing focused (though to be fair I’m not sure how writing focused it was in the first place!) and more about whatever creative stuff I’m doing, reading, watching, or possibly a reflection. I certainly haven’t given up on fiction, so you’ll still hear about my books as they happen, but it will be more about my version of ‘the creative life’ than anything else.

I’m not sure how my newsletter will fit into all of this, or whether I’ll ever really get my YouTube channel off the ground, but for now I am enjoying the freedom – and learning – of play.

2 thoughts on “On allowing creative play even though I’m a ‘grown up’

  1. Hey Zee,

    I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I relate to so much that you talk about and what you are currently going through. Watching your growth and dedication is helping me propel myself forward. Its lovely to see all your successes and failures. I know its weird to get a “congratulations” on your failures but I believe we don’t celebrate them enough. With out failure we would be blindly going through life without seeing the improvements we can make to ourselves and the things around us.

    So I just wanted to say, keep doing what makes you, you! The good, the bad, and the in-between.

    With Care,


    1. Hi Bronwyn! I totally see where you are coming from – I pretty much don’t even use the word ‘fail’ anymore. I see ‘failures’ as things that didn’t work out, so I am in a better place to find out what will work out, and a little bit wiser in the process.

      So thank you!

      Aroha, Zee x


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