Spending time on creativity


In some ways, everything I do is creative – but in some ways it’s really not. Writing a book, drawing an illustration, painting a picture… these allย sound creative, and by all means there is creativity in the process, but a lot of it is just doing the work (and supporting the work with admin and sales).

I’ve realised that my artist dates are like the days that I actually get to be creative. They’re one day in the week when I give myself permission to do whatever I want. I’m allowed to spend the day walking around a garden and ‘waiting for inspiration’, following that shiny new idea that’s been trying to distract me all week, or sitting in a cafe and writing about things that I might do someday. Or, if I feel like it, I can just let my feet (and mind) wander all day.

It’s a bit like that 20% rule of Google’s (that may or may not exist, but I like it in theory). Or in some schools, where they’re allowed one block a week to work on a ‘passion project’ or learn a new skill. I’m committing this time to myself on a weekly basis (though there’s bound to be the occasional day where I’ll choose to work instead, and that’s okay too).

zr southcombe zee eden garden artist date winter

At Eden Gardens, an exotic garden in the middle of suburban Auckland.


6 thoughts on “Spending time on creativity

  1. Nice idea to block out time for ideas and mind wandering as I sit here under a blanket with a cuppa reading at 2pm on a bleak Friday!


    1. Under a blanket with a cuppa sounds good to me (as I sit in front of the computer editing, editing, editing!)


  2. Had an idea worth exploring this morning … thinking that paying more attention to that dreamy drift into consciousness on these mid-winter mornings may be tapping into quite a creative source …?


    1. I think so ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a bit like the idea of Morning Pages, tapping into the subconscious in that time between sleep and waking.


    1. And I’m sure the future will tell you exactly what they think your schedule should be ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yay for giving ourselves time and permission xx


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