100 Days Project Update

100 Days Project 2017

I realised today how long it’s been since I wrote a blog post – and also how long it’s been since I updated my 100 Days Project page, so I figured I could get them done at the same time.

Catching Up

Truth be told, I haven’t been journaling every day. I’d set what I thought was an achievable goal, but when I actually sat down to do it I made it hard for myself. I tried to set up a system that would work, to use collage and consistency and just made it too much of an effort to do on a daily basis.

But. I have been going outside everyday, and noticing what I sense, and thinking about what could go in my journal. As a result, many of those moments are still clear in my head. This means I can catch up on days missed (with the help of my camera feed), and continue on from here.

I’ve noticed that what I enjoy most is just a little reflection on the day, and maybe a simple drawing. No dates or numbers. Just thoughts. You can see them here.

(I’ve also fallen in love with my white gel pen ❤ )

Expecting Change

I’ve learnt that no matter what I set a project out to be, it WILL change. There was a podcast I was listening to the other day (I’ve consumed a lot of audio lately so can’t remember which one it was!) and the person being interviewed talked about the uselessness of Five Year Plans – because in five years, your goals would have changed.

This made SO much sense to me. I still value five year visions. I find it helps to have something big to work towards, but, like she recommended, a 12-month plan is so much more useful (oh! I remember – it was this podcast)

The same goes for projects. I can know what my intentions are at the start, and I can have a vision of how I’d like it to look at the end, but I can’t know exactly what it will turn out to be.

And that is totally okay.


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