Be the teacup


I often listen to podcasts when I’m walking (for running I need something with more energy though!), and I recently discovered one called Up For A Chat.

One of the episodes I listened to was an interview with Elspeth Haswell-Smith, titled Getting Things Done. Although I was looking for podcasts on the relationship between physical and mental health, but this one caught my eye – Elspeth is not much older than I am, and has done a bunch of different things, like I’m doing. I figured I could learn something from her.

Her bottom line was that she followed her interest at the time, and listened to her intuition on a daily basis. This is something I’ve been working towards, especially after my life coaching sessions with Inger Kenobi. But what I loved the most was her teacup-soul analogy.

She describes our soul (as in the truest version of our self) as a teacup. It was there before any experiences, influences, learnings, and relationships. And, no matter what you put in it, the teacup remains the same; no matter what we experience, feel, think, do, or who we are around, our soul remains the same.

This analogy is another tool for peeling back the layers and just being me. I’ve also realised how much I seek external validation, and I hope that this will help me remember that it’s not about achievements or other people’s opinions but about how I want to “be” in this world, and trusting my self.

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