New Zine & Day 1 of the 100 Days Project (Nature Journaling)

100 Days Project 2017

Today is day one of the 100 Days Project, and mine is nature journaling. You can follow my progress on the official site or on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Over the weekend I reaaaaally wanted to start, but felt like that was cheating, so I made a zine instead.

In some ways, it was to get the ideas out of my head (where they were having fun running around in circles) and also to help me get through the 100 days. Because if I have a whole zine of ideas, then I have no excuse to miss a day!

While traditional nature journaling (or field journaling) is primarily scientific, I am approaching it more from an artist’s perspective. It’s about exploration of the outdoors, but also introspection, reflection, connection with the natural environment, and creativity.

Nature inspired journaling zine – Click to view product

Link time:


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