The Joy Diet, Wild Creative Life, The 100 Days Project & Nature

Mindfulness & Mental Health

I had the last couple of weeks (mostly) off my dayjob, and took the opportunity to spend a few days away from home as a personal writing retreat. I spent it in the most wonderful cabin, nestled in native bush and kept company by the birds (or at least the sound of the birds, tui and fantail during the day; ruru and kiwi at night).

I got a fair bit of writing done, but mostly just spent time sitting, enjoying the sounds and smells of the forest, and the warmth of the fire. I felt at home.

A perfect little writing desk in a perfect little New Zealand forest.

This year I’m participating in two year-long community groups. One is Wild Creative Life and the other is The Joy Diet. Both of these are coming together in a way I hadn’t expected, and are pointing me towards the natural world.

In The Joy Diet, April’s theme was Truth. Truth is the quality of being true; true means in accordance with fact or reality. The takeaway from my time away was being reminded what my truth is: a connection with nature; reality. Wild Creative Life is about making art in nature, inspired by nature, and with natural tools.

Writing in the cabin.

I’m also doing the 100 Days Project this year, and my project of choice is nature journalling. It begins on May 22nd and I feel like it will be a life-changing project for me – not to put too much pressure on it! But I have no doubt that taking time every day to observe, reflect on, and immerse myself in nature will make a change for better.

Shameless self-promotion time:

  • If you’re interested in my more nature-inspired art, have a look at these prints on Felt. Your purchase will also be supporting the Mental Health Foundation of NZ via my half-marathon run.
  • To kick-start your own creativity, check out my ever-popular DIY Zine Kit.
  • And to catch up with me in person, my next event is the Hamilton Zinefest on Sat, May 13th. See details and other events on my events page.

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