On having nothing to prove


There has been so much happening, and so little blogging, so I’m going to try and catch up on this over the next little while. 

I feel like I’m finally becoming comfortable in my own skin, and confident in sharing my me-ness with the world. I think this started with I Am A Writer & I Am An Artist. These books were both very personal (and not hidden behind fictional characters) but had a great response from the contributors and audience. It was what I needed to believe that actually yes, I am a writer and artist – and other people think so, too.

I also feel like I’m not trying to prove something anymore. I’m not trying to prove to myself that I’m capable of writing, or prove to you that I’m not a one-book-wonder, or prove to past-Zee that I can be an author. What’s driving me now is: “Am I enjoying this?”

And I am. I’m in my happy place every day with Ramble On (my current wip – a non-fiction book about walking) and I’m pleased with SONZA, and generally happy with what I’m doing.

A page from “Ramble On”

Another thing I was trying to prove was that I could be successful – that is, financially successful. I’d still like to make a living at this, but it was stressing me out so much that the goal was preventing me from reaching the goal. Which is just stupid, really.

What’s been interesting is that when I began to focus on enjoyment, the money started coming in. I made 50 sales online last month – the most ever for me – got a few art commissions, and was offered my first paid writing job. It may be delusional, but I believe it’s got a lot to do with this fresh attitude. I’m only alive for a while – I’m going to spend it doing stuff I love & giving back when & how I can.

Life is good.

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