On ego, self-publishing, and collaborating with your peers [week three vlog]


Over on YouTube, I’m working on getting a regular vlog going. This week, I’ve talked about something that is really important to me – and really frustrating when people don’t get it!

There seems to be a ‘prestige’ that comes with being an author, but I want to say that becoming an author has not made me any more – or less – valuable as a person. It’s an achievement, sure, but it doesn’t alter my worth.

I also love working with my peers. To be able to share the work of people I like and admire means a lot to me. Sometimes, like in my (wo)manpower zines and NZ Young Writers’ Anthology, it’s the first time for them to see their words published. This is really special to me, and I hope to continue this long into my future – no matter how much a famous name acts as a draw card.

Listen to me ramble on about this in more depth below. And, if you like what I say, check out my Patreon page.

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