You’re never happy, are you? 


After one of my book launches, a friend asked if I was happy with how it went. I must’ve given an unconvincing yes because she said:

You’re never happy, are you?

I thought about it and realised she was right. Not because there wasn’t a big turn-out, or there were few sales; not because my speech sucked or the books didn’t look great – just because it’s in my nature to put on Black Hat Thinking.

The Six Thinking Hats are a concept I came across in teaching, developed by psychologist Edward de Bono. Each hat colour represents a different way of thinking. Red, for example, encourages us to consider our feelings and intuition; white tells us to look at the facts.

Black is critical thinking. What could be better? What are the flaws?

I’m self reflective and analytical. Black Hat thinking is easy for me. And it’s there for a reason: so we can make improvements; challenge ourselves  to do better than our best.

Black Hat thinking means that I look back over an event, a book, an artwork, or a blog post and think about what I could do better nexttime. It keeps me growing and improving and pushing myself further on.
This is good. I wouldn’t want to be any other way. But. My friend’s comment made me realise that while I like my reflective, where’s-the-next-mountain self, I also need to take more time to celebrate and express gratitude; to be happy.

Last year, I started putting this into practice. It took effort but it was worth it. I feel like I’ve slipped behind a bit lately, so I’m reminding myself by sharing it with you.

So while I still look for what could be better, I also remember the highlights. You’ll hear about the highlights of my latest launch in my next vlog – keep your eyes out for it 🙂



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