Artweek Auckland 2016 at the Dorothy Butler Children's Bookshop

In the studio: a few updates, and the NZ Book Festival

Events, News & updates

I’ve been a bit quiet online, partly because I’ve been plodding away at the various projects I’m working on at the moment (you can read about them here if you want), and partly because sometimes social media just isn’t healthy for me.So I thought I’d let you know how some of the things are going in the studio 🙂

Artweek Auckland

All the drawings went up last week for Artweek Auckland 2016, and we had quite a few people in and colouring. They’re not finished yet, though, so I’ve been allowed to keep them up until they’re done. Yay! If you’re in Auckland pop into the shop (open 7 days) and add to the pages.

Artweek Auckland 2016 at the Dorothy Butler Children's Bookshop

Artweek Auckland 2016 at the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop

NZ Young Writers’ Anthology

I’m doing the final proofreading and formatting today (accompanied by the Harry Potter movie soundtracks and my… third? cup of tea) so I can get the files off to my printer. There are a great mix of poems, stories, and even a wee non-fiction piece (personal essay) about heroes of all sorts.

This anthology has been interesting, because sometimes it feels like I’m too small a fish to be behind something like this. But then again – isn’t it more impressive for a small fish to be doing this? 🙂


The NZ Book Festival

I’m also excited to be releasing the anthology at the NZ Book Festival alongside one of the contributors, Poppy Nightingale. Poppy will read some of her contribution, and I’m sure she’d be happy to sign some books as well. She’s looking forward to meeting lots of authors!

The colouring pages are almost done, and the bookmarks are on today’s LONG to-do list. The posters are being distributed, and after a great meeting last weekend the whole committee is looking forward to this year’s event being fabulous. More info here if you’re interested.



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