Steptember: A Reflection

Depression & Anxiety, Thoughts & Ramblings

Ten thousand steps a day was a big ask for me, considering that many of my waking hours are spent sitting down – writing, drawing and running a business aren’t physically demanding – and now that Steptember is over and done with I’m left with a stiff but healthier body.

Steptember 2016

The main point of Steptember was to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Society. Our team Running Late raised around $450. Go us!
I’d be lying if I said that was my main motivator, as Ive been trying to get on top of my fitness all year. However, when I had a day where walking 10,000 steps seemed particularly hard I remembered those who couldn’t; the people we were raising money for.

I felt a deep gratitude not only for my ability to walk, but the privilege of living near a park and mountain that was free, and safe, to use. I rediscovered the joy of walking in the rain.

I also discovered a lovely bushwalk near one of my day jobs, which I plan to frequent while I’m working there. How wonderful is it to find a nature getaway five minutes’ drive from work?

Somerville, Auckland

Taking time to walk reminded me that it’s one of those things that get missed in my busy life. It made me realise my life is too busy. Maybe taking a walk out in nature, rain or shine, is exactlywhat my days have been missing.

And if I can help others out in the process, even better 🙂

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