Beyond the crossroads

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As many of you know, I took a break from social media for a while. I’m back on Twitter, but I’m trying to keep my Facebook use limited.

The main reason for this was to stop letting other people’s voices in so I could tune into my own true voice. I’ve posted before about not wanting the fame, fortune or prestige of a bestselling author – I just wanted to make enough to keep writing, publishing, and making art.

A few years ago, I’d enrolled to study counselling at Massey University. I didn’t follow through. Much earlier than that, around age 17, I’d decided that I would study psychology when I got older. And even earlier than that (at age 10 according to my mum) I wanted to become a monk.

(A part of me still wants to become a monk.)

I think what held me back most was feeling that I didn’t have enough life experience to become a counselor. I’ve changed my mind a little on this point!

Now, I am working on a plan to become a counselor and a teacher of meditation, specialising in working with children and teens. I think this will be a great way of taking the bits I like about teaching one step further. I’d also like to teach art again, and possibly creative writing.

As well as being things I thoroughly enjoy, find fulfilling, and contribute to my personal growth, these positions also have decent a job outlook. Plus, it’ll mean I can take pressure off my writing and painting. Win all round.

The only ‘downside’ is that I’ll have to go back to study. Which isn’t a big downside – it’ll just require some patience. I’m hoping to do a short course so I can start practicing while doing more substantial study.

I still have a bit of planning to do before I’m clear on things, but I’m very much looking forward to this new direction.

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