2016 (or what’s left of it)

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So I have a few projects that are wrapping up as the year wraps up, so here’s a summary of what you can expect (other than sporadic posts and an ever-changing website) from me this year.

Heroes: NZ Young Writers’ Anthology 

The entrants have all been notified whether their stories will be included (yay!) or not (sad face) and I’ve started formatting. The aim is to launch it at the NZ Book Festival on the 5th of November this year. I’m not sure whether I’m going to seek sponsorship or not yet – but if you’re keen, please get in touch.

I am an Artist 

I am SO excited about this book! Anna is almost finished with the illustrations and the draft is 99% complete. Formatting is the next job, and it’s a big one! I’ve never done anything with so many photos before, and a background. Eek! I’m hoping to publish this around November.

Once Upon a Time: Artweek Auckland 

This was a last-minute decision, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a giant colouring in exhibition which will be held at my workplace, the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop. I’m also going to publish it as a colouring book. I’ve only done one page so I better get a move on – it’s due in a month!


This is my first painting exhibition, which will be held at Youthline’s gallery space. I chose this venue as my paintings have a strong theme of mental & emotional well-being. I’m looking forward to sharing my work with my friends in Auckland before I move.

Those are the biggies 🙂 I’ll also be promoting the NZ Book Festival, doing a bunch of craft markets, and packing / de-cluttering.

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