Out and About: Onehunga Primary School Book Week

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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with the staff and students at Onehunga Primary School. After every visit, I’m always re-inspired and motivated to get back into my own writing.

This time, there were two students in particular who really touched me. Here were their questions. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know I was holding back the tears!

But how could I become an author?

What if you’re not good at anything?

The first question was asked by a girl who came up to me after the Q&A session. I told her that an author was basically someone with a book published, so to become an author you write a story, you get feedback, you edit until you’re happy with it, and you publish it. Case closed. I don’t think she was quite convinced, but I can hope that I’ve planted a seed of possibility.

It re-inspired me to get into my non-fiction art book, I am an Artist, because people need to know that being a creative isn’t just for the chosen few; we should all be able to find and nurture our creative souls (and yes, I believe we all have one).

The second question was asked during the Q&A. I thought it courageous to be able to ask this in front of his peers, but more than anything I remembered the times that I had asked myself that question – there’s nothing I’m good at, so why bother? My advice was to find things that he enjoyed doing, find the people who liked it, and let other people worry about whether it was good or not.

Obviously this is advice that I try to tell myself every day!


From the Onehunga Primary School Newsletter

(I also had a session booked at New Windsor Primary School, but I’ve been sick so I had to postpone. I’m looking forward to visiting them on Thursday!)


2 thoughts on “Out and About: Onehunga Primary School Book Week

  1. Great feedback from the students and it’s wonderful you are playing a role in building their confidence and helping them to tap in to their potential. Keep up the great work. 🙂


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