In the studio: Immersing myself in my unique purpose


Heads up – this is a LONG post! There’s a lot of learning going on in my life, all the time. But from time to time I have an aha! moment, when something that’s been simmering percolates into a tangible, understood idea.

I’ve said several times, to myself and in conversations, that when I focus on my own work – and the purpose behind said work – then I’m happy. I have an unfortunate habit of letting other people’s ideas get in the way sometimes, and waylay my enthusiasm.

Recently I saw an old post on Facebook:


The two important bits:

  1. Use of the word fun.
  2. The apparent creative energy.

Well, those two things have been evading me lately, though I’m sure they tried. I just wasn’t a willing recipient. Well, now I am, and it’s precisely because of one thing: I’m focusing on MY purpose.

Why am I making this project? Who is it for? That’s what matters.

I’m writing I am an Artist because I want to de-mystify the artist career, and show it for what it is: something anyone (who wants to) can do, at any age, in any situation. It’s for children who kinda sorta want to be an artist but don’t think they can, and adults who used to be that child.

I’m writing my fiction series to get all these crazy – and important-to-me – ideas out of my head, in a tangible form, for other people to interact with. They’re for children who are tired of being spoken down to, but still want an exciting read. They’re to get people thinking and creating and philosophising.

I’m painting to share my emotions, my losses and my spiritual journey. As Louise Phyn said in the latest (wo)manpower zine: the more personal you make something, the more universal it is. So I’m going deeply personal for my own sake, and to resonate with the emotions of others. We are not alone in the world.

I’m making my (wo)manpower zines because I like the idea of fanzines, but I’m way more impressed with women I know in my life than I am by celebrities, and I reckon you guys should know about them too. Not only are they talented, strong and creative, they’re also inspiring, humble – and just plain nice.

I’m doing the annual NZ Young Writers’ Anthology for similar reasons to I am an Artist: there is no reason why children can’t be writers now. Their work has a different quality and style to adults, and is often more raw, but that’s exactly what I love about it. Let’s forget this ‘when I grow up’ business – we all know that we don’t really ever grow up, anyway.

There a couple more projects I haven’t touched on here, but I think this is enough for one day!

And now, back to writing.

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