In the studio: Back on the horse!

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So last month could pretty much be written off in terms of productivity and motivation, but I’m letting myself off the hook.

When I went for counseling, we talked about exercise. She said it’s okay to let myself off the hook sometimes, and to just think about all the exercise I’ve done in my entire life. When you average it out, it’s not that bad.

Same thing with productivity. I’ve done a lot in a little time, so one month off isn’t bad at all!

But now I’m back into it. I’ve collated the NZ Young Writers’ stories to read through and select, I’m updating the NZ Book Festival website, I’ve worked on my draft for the Art Book, I’ve signed up for the 100 Days Project – and got some friends on board as well. I’ve got a couple of paintings done, am making prints of these, updated my shop and am generally feeling chipper. Bring on the rest of the year!


But there’s also some learning. I realised that I had so many things to do that I was in overwhelm, and instead of taking turtle steps I was completely avoiding them. Which, as we all know, just makes the situation worse.

So now I’m taking turtle steps with my projects, and the things I need to do to support my projects. I’m finding ways to make the annoying / boring / tedious tasks more enjoyable (like listening to happy music, or sipping a good cup of tea). Progress is progress, no matter how small.

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