Business Blog: My three brand words (a work in progress)


UPDATE: I have chosen Inspire, Contribute, and Experiment. 

Yesterday I blogged about using three words as a guide when you want to do ALL the things, and after writing that post I started pulling together ideas.

I used book reviews, things people had said, and personality quizzes. But then this really cool thing happened at work.

A customer came in saying her eight-year-old daughter had gone to the Tauranga Zinefest, and had come away inspired to not only make her own zines, but also make her own books. In part, this was to do with my DIY Zine Kit. She’s gone on now to make some zines, make some books, and build her own Free Little Library!


This made me feel so GOOD that I realised one of the words needed to be ‘inspire’, and inspire had to mean inspire to take action.

So each of my words will come with their own definitions. As I noted in the title, this is still a work in progress, and I am sure I will continue to refine these terms. There are also some words (including intuition, connection and beauty) that are sitting on the sidelines and waiting for some attention.


Does it urge people to create? To take action? To reconsider the norm?


Is it interesting? Does it arouse one’s sense of curiosity?


Am I trying something new? Is the outcome not completely known?


2 thoughts on “Business Blog: My three brand words (a work in progress)

    1. Thank you, Catherine. And right back at you! It’s great to be a part of such an inspiring community of creatives.


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