In the Studio: New art & creativity book announcement

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I’ve been wanting for a while to create a non-fiction book, and I knew it would have something to do with my own journey and something to do with creativity. What I’ve come up with is not quite what I expected. In fact, it’s quite unlike anything I could have expected, and I am incredibly excited about it.

It will be titled Art Workshop.

It’s about exploring the process of artmaking in a way that a ‘real artist’ might, keeping an art journal, and learning to make art that is authentic and original. Throughout the book will be extracts from working artists with their advice, comments and thoughts on each topic.

I will be creating videos with ideas for participants’ art journals, and I might vlog about my own processes as I work through the tasks pre-publication. I’m also looking at having some PDF templates for some of the tasks. These will most likely be free.

The intention is to set up a weekly email course that readers can choose to opt into, or they can just do the email course instead of buying the book. It will be paid but will cost less than the book (as it’s digital, not a tangible book).

I’m aiming it at tweens, but I’d like it to be ‘adult friendly’.

Right now, the exciting part (for me) is that I’m testing all the tasks myself. Today, I took a drive to Devonport (one of the places I feel most connected to myself) and took photos of anything that took my interest. Tomorrow I will choose another place to take photographs, and in this way slowly build my ‘inspiration box’, which is the first task in the book.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey as I create this book, to finding collaboration partners and beta readers, and to inspiring people to tap into their inner artist.


Zee xx


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