Taking a break from fiction


So I’ve been working on the sequel to You Can’t Cure a Witch’s Curse, and a few chapters in decided I was going to switch tacks and do a wordless book. Then I came up with an art book idea which I was going to do alongside it, but I am SO much more excited and naturally curious by visual inspiration right now that I’ve realised it’s time to give fiction a break.

You Can't Cure A Witch's Curse ZR Southcombe

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing, of course – let’s not get too crazy – it just means that right now, fiction isn’t doing it for me. And if I have to force myself to get excited about working on my book, something’s wrong.

I’m working with life-coach-in-training, Inger Kenobi. I’ve enjoyed Inger’s blogs for a long while, and when she approached me for a practice session I jumped right in. In that session (which I will do a vlog about) we talked about listening to our bodies, something I had discussed with my counsellor a few years earlier, and becoming more true to myself. For me, a ‘go for it’ feeling was sunshine; a warm, dry mist.

And when I thought about my book, that’s not how I felt. When I thought about mythical skeletons and fairy tales and having fun with art my little ball of sunshine began to grow.

So I’m following my sunshine. Which means more visual awesomeness for you, and lots of exploration and experimentation for me.

And now, off to buy an art journal – expect many Instagram updates!

Zee xx

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