In the Studio: Illustrations and Making Space


So I’ve done lots of work on my illustrations this week, though technically none of it has been in my studio. It’s been on the couch, at the coffee table, in front of the TV (or laptop). In theory, this is fine because I’m getting work done, but in reality it’s not.

The illustrations are for my upcoming children’s book You Can’t Cure A Witch’s Curse which will be out in NZ Autumn / US Spring, and is the first in a new series.

You see, the reason I haven’t been working in my studio is because whenever I walk into it I want to leave again. It is the biggest mess it’s been in for ages and just makes me feel like I can’t adult. So. Today was my first Friday off (I now have Friday’s off! Woohoo!) and so my job today was to clean and make space.

This is important to me cause the environment around me affects how I feel. And when I sit down to write, or draw, or paint, I need to feel comfortable, confident, open. I need space to set up a canvas and palette and leave it out, and space to lay out the yoga mat 🙂

I’ve made some progress, done some sorting (more on this later) and generally pleased. The challenge, of course, is to keep it that way when it’s done!

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