In the studio: World map colouring page!


So for the book launch (this Saturday!) we decided to do a giant colouring page. I played around with a few ideas – should I recreate the book cover? What about a giant book with dragons and stuff coming out of it? A pirate ship? A quote from the book?

I decided, eventually, on a quote from the book. It’s going to be displayed in the venue (the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop) ย afterwards, so I didn’t want anything that would be too much of an ‘advertisement’ of my book.


Skimming through the book, I found a few quotes that I liked, and played around with composition a little. What would reflect the theme of the book, and suit a bookstore?

A few years ago, I painted a giant map. It was the first thing I’d painted since withdrawing from art school that I was actually happy with. It wasn’t perfect but it was good. I also painted a pirate ship and did some pirate drawings. I loved the notion of freedom and exploration, and that was the first painting I did just for me.

So I brought it together with the quote: “There’s so much world left to explore.”

Right-click to save & print.

Right-click to save & print.

You’re welcome to download and colour this in – and I’d love to see the finished product if you do!


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