From the bookshelf: developing a personal mission


I’m still reading Seven Habits from last week. It’s slow reading because every few pages (if not every few sentences) I stop and reflect on my own life.

The first third of the book is about ‘personal victory’. It reminds us that we have choice – always – and  habits can be reprogrammed. It also looks at being proactive rather than reactive, and how strong principles can help.

To that extent,  it challenges the reader to create a mission statement for our lives; to express our purpose in life.

I’ve decided to take on that challenge. It’s something I’ve thought about for as far back as I can remember. To put it in a tangible form will be, I think, empowering. It can grow and be tweaked over time, but I already have a few ideas, and they’re not dissimilar from a decade ago.

It’s a work in progress – a bit like me.


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