From the Bookshelf: re-reading self help titles


I like re-reading books. I am a definite re-reader. I’ve read the Narnia and Harry Potter series more times than I can count,  and I love indulging in The Hobbit. But I re-read non-fiction for a different reason.

Non-fiction, for me, is not an indulgence or a leisure activity – it is specifically to learn. The first time I read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, it helped me out of the helplessness of depression / anxiety. This time, I want it to prevent me from falling down thst spiral in the first place.

It also helped me get my book written and published. My personal goals were around confidence and perseverance and the book guided me to build those traits, slowly but surely.

This time, it’s about courage to build my own ideal of what adulthood means (I’m at that funny age of 27 years) and to see myself as so.

The other book I’m re-reading is one I first read just a few months ago: Big Magic. It’s Gilbert’s memoir, essentially, but also a beautiful permission slip to go out in the world and create; to play and explore and celebrate.

It’s entitlement to be here; the arrogance of belonging.

And when the detachment of depression hits,  there’s nothing like a sense of belonging.

So there’s a pile of fiction teasing me with foreign worlds and delicious sentences, but this week’s for learning, and preventing the ‘black dog’ from setting its teeth in.

2 thoughts on “From the Bookshelf: re-reading self help titles

  1. Hey Zee! I tend to read non-fiction for the same reason, and I always check out the author first for credibility in the topic (this is usually fairy easy as most non-fiction recommendations I get are via podcasts or people like Marie Forleo). I hope re-reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Big Magic helps you again ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Most of the non-fiction titles I read are recommendations, so I don’t often check their credibility (if I trust the person who made the recommendation).

      If I’m browsing, then I ALWAYS check the credibility! There are way too many duds out there.


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