Monday Musings: Where did my priorities go?


I just had a look at last week’s goals and realised that I have literally done NO creative writing or painting this week! There have been two main excuses for this. Firstly, I had a bit more dayjob work than I had thought, and secondly the weather is scorching hot (by NZ standards anyway) and I’m finding the heat draining.

But they are excuses, not reasons. I know that when I DO paint and write, I am in a better mood and I feel better about my place in the world. I enjoy the the process of creation and exploration so why wasn’t it happening?

The biggest reason is anxiety, on so many levels, including but not limited to comparisonitis (I suffer this illness acutely at times). The other reason, playing nicely with anxiety, is mess and clutter. This was why ‘tidying up my space’ was on my list last week. I did some tidying but not enough. This week, tidying will be my priority, so that my actual priorities have some space to breathe.

Thus, this week’s goals:

  • Tidy my space! Like, properly.
  • Get last week’s and this week’s podcasts done (last week wasn’t published due to computer issues)
  • Get Beyond the End of the World to the printer!

And last week I did achieve some things:

  • I got my podcast recorded.
  • Finalised details of the book launch (I also received the book cover art – yay!)
  • Sent the book for proofreading and have received it back.
  • Got about a third of the way into my next story draft.
  • Did lots of thinking and contemplating and journalling.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Where did my priorities go?

  1. I’ve read your posts for last Monday as well as this post here. It appears to me that you’re overwhelmed (sure component of anxiety). This could be a sign that you’ve given yourself too much to do. Just because you’ve been able to do so much sometimes in the past doesn’t mean you can continue to do that much on an ongoing basis. Chances are you believe time to be precious, and I couldn’t agree with you more if you’re thinking this way. I’m sure I’m old enough to know this at the age of 61. If you are determined to have so much on your plate, I suggest you make smaller chunks of each task you want to finish, and not think about the next chunk you’ll tackle until you’re done with the one before you. You may also want to re-evaluate your priorities. Wants and needs change over time, even when we don’t want to admit it.


    1. Focusing on one thing at a time is something I’ve been working on and made a difference when I fell into overwhelm last year, so thanks for that suggestion. I am absolutely determined to have ‘so much on my plate’ and I know I can manage it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Glynis.


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