Sparkles and celebrations in 2016


So it’s well and truly 2016 now, and in line with my One Word ‘sparkle’ I’m kicking off with a celebration: the launch of Beyond the End of the World.

I’d planned on releasing this book last October, at the inaugural NZ Book Festival, but I was finding editing a chore and knew I wouldn’t have it ready.

There was more than one reason I found editing hard, the most obvious being that it’s my least favourite part of the publishing process.

The other was that the drafting had been difficult,  which meant this needed more editing than the previous book – but the primary reason was just me fighting with low self-esteem.

It may be a metaphor but it is not an exaggeration to say I was locked in a constant battle against my own brain: my brain insisting I should quit, and me getting back up each time it knocked me to the floor.

By the end of the year I was a verifiable mess, but hey – I was still standing!

And this year I’ll use what I learnt in that fight, not just to stand up, but to walk out of that ring victorious, a sparkle in my eye.

What keeps me sparkling is the pleasure of exploring life and its mysteries through art and experience, the wonder of learning more about how little we know, and the shared celebration of my own and others’ lives.
Beyond the End of the World will be released on the 20th of Feb in print for NZ$14.99, and in digital at the start of Feb for an introductory price of US$0.99 (thereafter it will be priced at US$2.99).

The launch party will be held at the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop in Auckland on the 20th Feb, 2pm.

2 thoughts on “Sparkles and celebrations in 2016

  1. As gruesome as it may be, your statement about your battle against your own self-doubt and maybe, at times, your self- loathing has giving me encouragement to continue my own inner-fight.


    1. I am pleased to hear that, Glynis. One reason I’m open about my feelings is to help other people (especially creatives) remember that it’s ‘normal’ to feel insecure sometimes. Self-loathing, at times, is an accurate label to use. But the journey isn’t over yet 🙂


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