Monday Musings: One step at a time


Today’s a grey, quiet, sleepy day so I’m going to keep it short! I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally started a podcast, which you can listen to on YouTube, Facebook, or download directly as an MP3 file (which is what I do with a lot of the podcasts I follow, and then listen to them on my walks).

I’m not 100% happy with my progress over the last fortnight, but I’m moving forward, one step at a time, and that’s good enough.

Last week, I got some of my goals achieved, and moved forward with a couple of others:

  • I haven’t finalised plans for the release of Beyond the End of the World, but I have made a time to discuss this with my manager. I have set a time at least! (2pm, Feb 20th).
  • I have finished edits and sent Beyond the End of the World to the proofreader – waiting on book cover to send to the printer.
  • I didn’t finish the draft for Series Two, Book Two, but I have re-written the plan!
  • I haven’t completed my painting yet, I’m still working on
  • I have only done a few of my daily challenges 😦

And this week’s plans? Lots of day job hours for the few weeks, but I’m trying to keep the priorities in their place, so:

  • Writing / researching
  • Painting
  • Setting up school visits (hopefully) and beginning to advertise the book launch
  • Tidying my space.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: One step at a time

    1. I go against the grain with notebooks, and *shock, horror!* throw them out after a while (well, no I don’t, I recycle them). The purpose of writing down stuff, for me, is not to preserve ideas but to process them.

      May they rest in peace in Notebook Heaven.


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