Monday Musings: Putting plans into action


This year is about taking action. Making art, writing stories, sharing inspiration, and remembering that I always have a choice (even if that’s just a choice of perspective).

Last week, I started my daily challenges. I’ve fallen behind already, so I’m just going to pick up today and catch up on the missed days as I go. No stress.

I have a social media schedule now. Every day of the week (except Fridays and weekends), I have a blogging / social site ‘job’ to do. Today’s (Monday) is doing my Monday Musings post, tomorrow’s is to record a video / podcast (not sure what it’s going to be about, but there’s no day job tomorrow so I have time to sort it out). Wednesday is to post the video with a blurb and maybe a transcript, and Thursday is to write a blog post. I have started implementing this schedule already.

This week has had lots of reading and writing and thinking time:

  • I went on holiday! To Kaueranga Valley, with lots of walking and idea-pondering. I’m planning to do more camping this year.
  • I did some of my daily challenges.
  • I worked on the Beyond the End of the World edits, and the Series Two, Book Two draft (see progress here).
  • I did lots of reading – Brian Falkner, Eleanor Catton, Elizabeth Pulford, Terry Pratchett.
  • I got accepted into the General Collective Easter Market which I’m super excited for.
  • Got started on a painting!


The week ahead I’m planning to:

  • Finalise plans for the release of Beyond the End of the World.
  • Finalise edits and send Beyond the End of the World to the printer.
  • Finish the draft for Series Two, Book Two.
  • Draft a plan, or at least brainstorm ideas, for Series Two, Book Three.
  • Complete my painting.
  • Do all my daily challenges.

20160102_112603 (1)

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