Monday Musings: Blogs, Podcasts & Daily Creative Challenges

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I’ve got a few things planned for the year in terms of my online activity, so I’ll quickly run through those and then get you updated with my weekly goals (in writing, art & exercise) as per normal Monday Musings.

This year I’ve planned to have 3 days that are devoted to my writing and art career. One of these days will be primarily for events, but the other two are for creative production and connecting more with people. There’s also two half-days, which means I’m doing ~20 hours at the day jobs, so I’m well on my way to becoming a full time writer & artist – yay!

writer writing tea laptop writer's life childrens' author

There’ll be lots more of this!


I’ll be doing my Monday Musings posts, and I plan do to one other blog post each week, usually on Thursday. It will be on whatever’s on my mind (and there never seems to be a shortage of that) but will usually centre around creativity, art, writing, or an issueย I’m struggling with at the time.


I’ve been wanting to do a vlog for a while (and I do have a few videos on my YouTube channel) but have recently had the ‘epiphany’ that it’s the camera shyness that’s stopping me… so I just get rid of the camera ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m doing some research into it at the moment, but will hopefully get it up and running in a couple of weeks. I plan to podcast every Wednesday.

Daily Creative Challenges

For several reasons (art practice, routine, anti-perfectionism, fun, critical reflection) I am setting myself a daily creativeย challenge. Every day there will be one prompt for writing, and one for drawing (or other art-making medium). If you are interested in following these, there will be two posts a day on the #2016creative blog, on Twitter, and the art posts will also be on Instagram.

You are more than welcome to join in, even just a day or two, as or when you feel like it – make sure you let me know so I can have a look / read!

daily drawing challenge #2016creative

My first daily drawing challenge


Right, last week’s accomplishments:

  • Set up my calendar (and stickers,ย ร  la Joanna Penn) for daily word counts, exercise and due dates.
  • Wrote around 2000 words on a new draft (see progress here).
  • Went for two walks, and did a little bit of yoga.
  • Edited Beyond the End of the World – very close to the final edit now, and release is set for 20 Feb.
  • Started my daily creative challenges.
  • Listed sites to submit my books to for reviews.

    calendar rewards sticker chart motivation productivity accountability

    Rewards calendare & due dates

And this week I’m holiday for a few days, which usually means more writing than usual (yeah I know… on the outside there’s something wrong with that, but I really do enjoy writing).

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