One Word 2016 ZR Southcombe

One Word 2016


For the last couple of years, I’ve been giving myself ‘one word’ to focus on, though the focus part didn’t always happen. I was introduced to this idea by Christine Campbell (a brilliant author of family dramas / mysteries) and you can read her post on it here.

My one word for 2015 was FREEDOM, and I tried to base my decisions on whether the outcome would give me more or less personal freedom. It’s something I love about indie publishing.ย However, I lost sight of this a little and mentally restricted my own freedom, allowing myself to become stressed and feel insecure unnecessarily.

In 2014, my one word was BALANCE. I felt I was able to focus on this for most of the year – my mental and emotional health were better, I started writing my first book, and I was exercising and eating well.

I’ve tossed up a few words for 2016. What I want is a word that will help me keep my priorities of writing and artmaking and creative exploration at the top, and help me to recognise my accomplishments while striving for more.

The first word I thought of was TRUTH: my own truth, exploration of truth, and the connection (or clash) of our personal truths.

The next was FUN: something I lost sight of this year was to sit back and actually enjoy myself. This past month I’ve pulled the pressures off and achieved so much more writing than I’d done during the year. I put that down to allowing myself to enjoy the process (it is so NOT bleeding at the keyboard – for me, writing and painting are therapeutic).

And then I re-read Christine’s blog and saw the word SPARKLE – now that sounds good! Can you imagine doing everything with an extra spark of energy; greeting people with a sparkle in your eyes?

My ‘one word’ for 2016 is SPARKLE. What’s yours?

One Word 2016 ZR Southcombe

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