Returning home: a blog response to a Samoan proverb

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Earlier this week I read a post from fellow NZ children’s writer, Helen Tau’au Filisi. In this post she shared some Samoan proverbs that reflect my journey over the last few years.

“O le sola a Faleata” of one who does not run far but returns.

“E lele le toloa ‘ae ma’au i le vai” which translated into English means that the bird (toloa – gray duck) takes flight but shall always return to its habitat.14600490546_0c6cf930e8_b

Helen explored these in terms of culture. In her plays, Helen draws on ancient Samoan stories. She wants her readers to feel “cultural pride and an affirmation of being a part of these stories”.

For me, one who has never had a strong, single culture (but does have a love for New Zealand), returning home is digging up forgotten interests, and giving passions a go. Returning home is writing, painting, spending time in the natural world, ย fostering curiousity and creativity, and allowing myself to explore possibilities. Returning home is taking chances and being true to my gut feelings.

What does returning home mean for you?

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