Focusing on the long term

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At the end of last year, I gave this year two priorities: production and publicity. As the year progressed, the strength of my focus on these priorities started to fade, and I believe this is what caused me to start feeling disillusioned about a writing career.

Production is important because I want to put my work out into the world – this is why I am publishing my work. Publicity, or ‘getting my name out there’, is equally important if anyone is going to hear about my work. I enjoy connecting with readers and other creatives, going to craft markets, and sharing my ‘writerly life’ with children. So what got me off track?

I had sales goals and social media goals that were supposed to be subsidiary to my priorities, but they became my focus. The fact that I was actually reaching my sales goals got me all excited – I had set them higher than I really thought I could reach, so it was a thrill to see it happen.

But I got *too* caught up in them, for several reasons. One was, as I said, that it was exciting to see them climb. The other was that my self-worth was a bit low, and so seeing numbers, and support, and lovely people being lovely became coping strategies.

When I was focused on my long term goals, building the base for a career, and actually producing creative work, I was happier than I am now, and the business side of things flourished naturally. Art-making comes first, sharing my work comes second, and everything else builds organically from there.

2 thoughts on “Focusing on the long term

  1. Really great post for so many reasons Zee – particularly for the insights. It is a learning curve for all people in creative industries and you are wading the waters alone so have done an absolutely OUTSTANDING job. You’ve also worked REALLY, REALLY hard so that will impact on how you’re feeling. I can relate! I think your “art first, share second” approach will stand you in good stead for 2016.Take care, Deborah x


    1. …and just like that, my 2016 mantra is born! Spent some time reading the sunshine, playing uke, and writing. Feeling more energised already!


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