Tuesday Musings

Monday Musings

Oops. It’s Tuesday.

My brain’s been full of negative self-talk lately, so I’m giving it a kick in the butt by going for walks (even when I don’t feel like it) and starting the morning with gratitude lists. The key, of course, is to continue doing these things when I’m feeling better, so I don’t slip back again. I’m doing my best to stay on top of my physical and mental health so I can really get the most out of life.

Last week:

  • I took lots of rest, as I still hadn’t recovered from my cold.
  • Spent Saturday (NZ Bookshop Day) at the Blockhouse Bay Market Day and the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop.
  • Got some editing done on the draft ofย Beyond the End of the World (Caretaker Series #3)
  • Made a new zine, about how I got started writing, called Getting Published.
  • Began clearing out my studio (I have way too much stuff & my creative brain needs SPACE).
  • Ordered postcards and magnets for the Illustrator’s Edition cover art.
  • Outlined the next story!!

My plans this week are to:

  • Do more editing on Beyond the End of the World
  • Get the next book planned (chapter break down) and maybe even start on the draft.
  • Finish clearing out my studio.
  • Walking lots.
  • Socialise! I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately…
  • Participate in St Dominic’s School (Blockhouse Bay) and Willow Park School (Hillcrest) galas.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

    1. It’s funny but as I was typing the post I tjought the same thing. Maybe I just need a good dose of perspective! I’m impressed with your walking habits. How do you force yourself out on rainy days?


    1. I took time out last night actually (video game and chocolate biscuits), cause I realized how full on it’s been. Thanks for the excellent advice!


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