Off the radar

Behind the Scenes

I’ve been quiet for the last week or so because I’ve been sick (nothing major, just lingering) and needed to rest up for two months of busy-ness ahead.
I have been productive though, so I’ll share a bit about what I’ve been doing:


There are a few I’m working on. The first is a collection of some of my most popular blog posts.

The second is a recollection of my writing journey – how I got started, why I went indie, and a little on marketing.

The third and fourth I’m still working on. One is titled ‘don’t give up’ and is about motivation, and the other is a selection of interviews with some inspiring NZ women who all work in the creative industry. I’m really excited about this one!


I’m slowly working through my next chapter book, Beyond the End of the World, and starting to let the ideas come together for the next series. Beyond should be published in Feb-March 2016 🙂


Knowing what I’m working towards – and WHY I’m working towards it – is essential for me. I’m taking some time to adjust and refine my vision so it becomes a stronger driving force in my day-to-day decisions. I’m also learning to recognise that even though I’m aiming ever higher, right where I am is pretty good, too!

6 thoughts on “Off the radar

  1. Great blog Zee and ALL of the zines sound interesting. Can’t wait to read them. I like how you’re refining your vision as your business evolves. Take care and happy creating!


    1. I always feel like I can work harder than I am working, but life is a work in progress – must remember that. I appreciate the kind words xx


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