Monday Musings: Is it Monday already?

Monday Musings

I almost forgot to post today as I totally forgot it was Monday. Last week was BUSY so this week is quiet (very much on purpose).

Busy was good on the book sales and marketing front – 60 books over the previous fortnight, which I’m chuffed with. The fun factor kicked in, too 🙂

Exercise happened, and I’m closer to the levels of exercise I’d like to be doing on a regular basis (the aim is 20mins every day, but I’m happy with 1-2 days ‘off’).


Last week, in addition to my events, stuff happened:

  • Discussed and confirmed my first seminar! Jacqui Be and I are developing ‘Action Authors‘ with our first workshop on Mindset & Marketing. 
  • The Caretaker’s Colouring Book will be stocked at the Glen Eden Book Exchange – yay!
  • I attended the Hospital Market, participated in Colour Your Own Adventure, and listened to a fantastic talk on independent publishing at the Central Auckland Library.

This week is about:

  • Cleaning the house!
  • Keeping up / improving my exercise routine.
  • Getting started on a zine.
  • Doing a vlog (yeah, I know).
  • Sharing my upcoming seminar.
  • Setting up a Kickstarter for my children’s short story anthology

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Is it Monday already?

  1. Sounds like a busy week ahead too. I am not sure what type of exercise you are doing, but if it’s cardio or weights, I always thought you should take days off . . . this coming from the person who walks her 10K steps everyday. 🙂


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