Routine, and not having one

Thoughts & Ramblings

I’m always learning. Always. From podcasts, books, seminars, courses, people – and my own experiences.

Sometimes I find that a single idea sticks out from the many. Right now, it’s routine.

I take it as a personal kick in the bum to focus on that particular thing, so I’m focusing on routine for a while.

There are a few things that are routine – managing my mindset, writing daily, reading daily(ish), blogging every week, reviewing monthly goals, bookkeeping, and drinking lots of water.

But there a few things that urgently need to be on that list: writing on the current WIP, not just what I feel like at the time; walking daily; reviewing my goals daily, and eating my 5+ a day (fruit and veg).

So for the next month or so, I’m building habits and refining daily practices to help me reach my goals with ease.

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