Monday Musings (are back)

Monday Musings

Because all I could think about for the last month was the NZ Book Fest, I decided not to do my Monday updates. I’m back to (my version of ) normal now, so they’re coming back!

I’ve been in a funny place lately, for several reasons, but mostly because being an indie author is hard yakka and I now have a very busy lifestyle. It’s fun hard, and it’s fun busy, but I do need to sleep, and eat, and rest, and be social.

But enough with complaining! I am extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to even consider being a writer and artist as a full time gig, and I have many people to look up to in this area – who are either doing their thing full time (artists, writers, musicians…) or are working towards it. Lots and lots of inspiration!

New stuff:

  • I’m working on a non-fiction book about my journey to becoming a writer. Nothing fancy, just me and my experiences.
  • My aim, once I get started, is to do 2-ish vlogs per week.
  • I’m also building an Indie Books site for NZ authors, to be launched during Book Week, (26 Oct-1 Nov). We’ll see how things go with this, but I was blown away by the level of work at the NZ Book Fest that I wanted to highlight our books.

Last week was the school holidays, so it was a bit topsy-turvy but did have lots of events:

  • The NZ Independent Book Festival
  • The New Lynn Night Market
  • The Mt Eden Village Craft Market
NZ Book Festival 2015

NZ Book Festival 2015

Andย this week there are some fun things, and some catch-up things:

  • Colour Your Own Adventure is a group exhibition (interactive) curated by ScribbleAKL as a part of ArtWeek Auckland. It’s my first ever exhibition so I’m chuffed to be a part of it! It’s in Chancery Square, Auckland, and opening times can be found on my Facebook page.
  • I’ll be at the Hospital Market this Thursday morning, teaming up with Crafts by Nicola and her awesome colouring pencil rolls.
  • I’m meeting with a couple of people about potential events / distribution – watch this space.
  • Catching up on bookkeeping. Fun times.
  • Also cleaning the office. More fun times.
  • Really truly vlog. I’m nervous which is causing procrastination, but I’ll get there ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings (are back)

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I’m enjoying experimenting with different ideas and seeing what opportunities come up ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hope so! I’ll be around on Saturday, probably in the afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am pretty busy, but I know January is going to be quiet in the events area so I’m making the most of the busy, pre-Christmas period.


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