50 things that make me smile [blog challenge]

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The inspiring Inger Kenobi tagged me to share with you all 50 things that make me smile.

In Inger’s words, I do want to say that these things are not listed in order of priority. So if I list, ‘A hot bath,’ before, ‘My friends and loved ones,’ that is not in any way a reflection of how I feel. Clear? Good!

  1. A good cup of tea.
  2. ‘Me too’ moments.
  3. Sunshine.
  4. Thunderstorms.
  5. Compliments.
  6. Space.
  7. Weird conversations.
  8. Breakthroughs.
  9. Creative breakthroughs.
  10. Shiny new ideas.
  11. Encouragement.
  12. Encouraging people.
  13. Smiles.
  14. Doctor Who.
  15. Studio Ghibli.
  16. A good review.
  17. Honesty.
  18. Kindness.
  19. Bad jokes.
  20. Good paintings.
  21. Brainstorming.
  22. Good books…
  23. …specifically, good children’s books.
  24. Watching people learn and grow.
  25. Helping people learn and grow.
  26. Realising that I’ve learnt and grown.
  27. Seeing loved ones blossom.
  28. Inspiring confidence.
  29. Opportunities.
  30. Magic.
  31. Nature.
  32. Long walks in the bush.
  33. New Zealand’s natural landscape.
  34. Just, New Zealand.
  35. Children’s honesty.
  36. Good memories.
  37. Leading the way.
  38. Being led.
  39. Learning.
  40. Artists.
  41. Musicians.
  42. Writers.
  43. Privilege.
  44. Spiced tea.
  45. Constructive feedback.
  46. My editor(s).
  47. Haircuts.
  48. Second-hand shops.
  49. Candles.
  50. The beach.


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