Monday Musings: New Windsor School Author Visit & Current Projects

Monday Musings

Right, so today I’m off to New Windsor school as a guest author to celebrate Book Week with them. This is particularly exciting because a) I used to teach there, and b) my mum teaches there! There’s also a few teachers who have pre-ordered The Caretakers Colouring Book.

I’ll be speaking to a group of Y5-6’s (10 year olds, ish) about writing, re-writing and how to get your story out in the world. I’m a firm believer in not waiting until you grow up to start following your passions (mostly because I did wait). I’ll also be doing a little reading from one of my books (probably Lucy’s Story: The End of the World), and then opening up for Q&A – I’ve been assured they will have lots of questions!

In regards to current projects, I’ve got a few things on the go at the moment:

  • Editing Beyond the End of the World (the final book in The Caretaker Series).
  • The next colouring book – I’ll probably do What Stars Are Made Of and come back to Lucy’s later.
  • A non-fiction book on writing. It’ll focus on developing the confidence to write, and maintaining physical & mental health.

What happened last week?

And what’s on the cards for this week?

  • Getting the pre-orders of The Caretaker’s Colouring Book sent out!
  • Doing my first custom colouring page.
  • Starting my non-fiction.
  • Editing Beyond the End of the World.
  • Read-through with Barbs Peterson for The Caretaker of Imagination.
  • Exercise!
  • The Blockhouse Bay Market Day, at which my colouring books will be for sale.
  • Planning my non-fiction book on writing.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: New Windsor School Author Visit & Current Projects

  1. Exciting stuff! I know you don’t need it, but good luck at New Windsor School! I hope you, the staff, the kids and your mother have a great time 🙂


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