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Sometimes my brain can get carried away with everything I don’t have. It can get caught up on the things that are going wrong and the opportunities that are out of my reach.

Last Saturday, I was talking with a friend I’ve met at both the Mangere Bridge Craft Market, and the Mt Eden one. In our conversation, the reminder came up to make the most of the opportunities that do come up for us.

Earlier this year, I applied for a stall at the children’s book festival. I’d been to this festival before (as a child) and loved it, so was excited to have the chance to be a part of it as an author. Unfortunately, my application was turned down. It was a bit of an ‘ouch’ moment but other than that I was actually okay with it. I think my writer friends were more upset than I was! (Which makes me feel wonderfully appreciated – thanks guys).

The thing is, I have too many other fantastic opportunities to get caught up in one that didn’t work out. If you visit my events page (totally shameless plug, I know!) you’ll see a long list of places I’m going. There are craft markets, school visits and school fairs, along with some unique one-off festivals: the NZ Book Festival, the Milford Pirate Festival, the Blockhouse Bay Santa Parade and the Orewa Arts Boulevard Fiesta. I’m even doing a talk and book signing at Butterfly Clinic, a holistic wellness centre in Hamilton.

Who’s got time to moan when there is so much else you could be doing?

5 thoughts on “Making the most of opportunities

  1. Well done Zee – that is the good thing to recognise opportunities when they come up. One of the things if go by ‘if you ask you are 50% sure of success if you don’t ask you are 100% sure of failure.’ Never be downhearted by a ‘no’ as I have found approaching people in a warm interesting way is appreciated and building relationships is always relevant in any business. Writing is a business like any other we have to work at it. I love talking with people and finding similar interests.
    Good luck! Robyn P Murray


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