Monday Musings: Lots of drawing!

Monday Musings

Last week saw a huge amount of progress on the colouring book, which I am really pleased with so far. I’ve also managed to get some much-needed editing done on Beyond the End of the World, and some formatting for a friend.

I’m just doing a short post today, because my morning has been full of to-do’s and I REALLY want to get to the library and do some drawing!

So here’s last week’s round up:

  • I did one 1.5h walk, and a couple of short yoga sessions.
  • No short story writing (but lots of short story daydreaming LOL)
  • More editing on Beyond
  • A total of 12 illustrations completed (out of a proposed 16 pages)
  • Ordered the next print run for The Caretaker of Imagination.
  • Attended the Mt Eden Village Craft Fair.
  • Established a fan club.
  • Wrote a blog post for JC Hart, on working with an illustrator.

And what’s on the cards for this week?

  • Three exercise sessions.
  • Completing, scanning, editing and formatting the colouring book.
  • Setting up services for writers.
  • Attending Crafternoon Tea this Saturday.
  • …yeah, that’s it!

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